Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stick a Fork in H323 except Video - Fall VON 2007 Day 1

The SIP trunking panel discussion rocked! Broadsoft, McLeod, Ingate/SIP Forum, Global Crossing, Avaya, Level3 and I didn't get the last company name. Can I get some help? Who was it?

SIP trunking vs SIP peering... TDM-based or IP-based... not just service providers but even larger enterprises are bypassing service providers in this model... Public peering vs private peering ... advantages of both... it's not just about voice but data and video too... no longer are people satisfied with a PDF set of instructions or description but need to see it on video... real time control, flexibility, cost savings... "SIP trunking is arbitrage"... increase your ARPU (something everyone on DIDX is after and getting it)...

ENUM... who will rule? Global Crossing rep said possibly the MSOs will hold the default. Avaya's Anne Coulumbe said this may be true in North America, but other countries have already set up ENUM and so let's learn from the best practices. Another panelist, can't remember which... mentioned the problems of managing dial plans, phone numbers vs SIP URI, should appear in a peering model, and if call is IP, more can be done. Private peering vs public peering arose again!

What they don't want to see!!! GC rep states don't let Microsoft setup a codec and make everyone pay for it. Need transparency across session border controllers. No IMS. No minutes. "Put a fork in H323... except for maybe video."

Avaya's Anne Coulumbe summary... Not just one large company running the whole thing. Not just certification needed. In 5-10 years social networking will be layered on most communications, flattening the way we all do business. Now, that's my summary of her comments. I say, it's already here and I love it.

Level3's Tucker... Centralized for contact centers, disaster recovery, call routing...

See documentation of some of Fall VON 2007 at my Youtube video playlist and my Picasa photo gallery. As of Nov 9, 2007 I have many more to add... time...

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