Wednesday, October 17, 2007

DEG Telecom, Young VoIP Startup Making all the Right Moves


Efrain Betancourt, CEO, and Danny Argudo, CTO, young professionals with the new voice over Internet startup DEG Telecom, serve Mexico, Ecuador, and other Latin American countries as well as ex-pats, students, families, and small businesses around the globe. They were at Fall Comptel 2007 to meet with several carriers all in one place. They're not afraid of new ways of doing business, i.e. social/business media avenues.

So refreshing and fun to talk with these young startup professionals face to face after months of instant messenger conversation about their use of DIDXchange! We are excited to have them on board at DIDXchange, and look forward to their company's success.

* I'll be glad when my blog feed to Facebook stops showing embedded source code as that and starts showing as in this case a link to Youtube TV.

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