Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hiccups here, but Collaboration Rocks in IP Communications

I had a few hiccups in the last six months which I determined not dwell on much: dislocated shoulder (work travel injury), car wreck resulting in totaled car and minimal injuries, and surprising company changes and experiences.

But I'm back on stronger than ever, loving your and our global industry of IP communications!

I'm not really everywhere, but I do recognize certain professional qualities and features among global IP communications-related companies and those who can help them:

Excellence in customer service
Innovative but at the same very practical services and products
Global reach
Ability to explain anything well, keeping in mind a variety of learning styles, and those who speak ESOL
Ability to use criticism of one's company to better one's company

Thanks for the nice compliments, Jaymie Scotto & Associates: http://www.jaymiescotto.com/jsablog/2009/03/31/jaymie-scotto-podcast-interview-by-suzanne-bowen-of-didx/.

Super Technologies, Inc. since 1999 has always included in its mission to recognize and encourage companies in our industry who exhibit the qualities listed above.

... browse some of our team's other blogs at http://blogs.didx.net and http://blog.tmcnet.com/monetizing-ip-communications/. You're welcome to comment, contribute, and collaborate any time.

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