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Get involved with Internet Telephony online and offline!

Since 1998, INTERNET TELEPHONY has been a powerful force in the IP communications space. That's one year before our company Super Technologies, Inc. started up.

Its product-focused editorial creates a platform to put readers in the frame of mind to think about evaluating and purchasing products. It's a big favorite worldwide among early adopters, entrepreneurs, incumbents, wireless operators and more in the IP communications-related industry.

INTERNET TELEPHONY boasts more than 225,000 readers each month* and offers strong online impact with its accompanying website, TMCnet, which attracts nearly three million unique visitors each month, according to Webtrends. We at DIDX have always been impressed with the interaction promoted, the quality of the advertisements and articles and decided last yeart to sponsor an advertisement on a monthly basis.

I'm copying the following from an email I received this morning that gives you a glimpse of the June 2009 issue:

The IP-Enabled Contact Center
IP-enabling the contact center continues the revolution that started when computer intelligence was first applied to call centers in the computer telephony era of the 1980s and 1990s. The IP-enabled contact center brings many new features and capabilities including Unified Communications, and essentially converts your entire organization into an extended call center. Benefits include reduced costs, enhanced visibility, supervision, and all-around management. The flexibility of IP communications allows for multiple configurations of contact centers, such as the typical hybrid VoIP/circuit-switched center, single-site/multi-site VoIP, home based agents, and off-shore outsourcing based on VoIP connections.

Designing the Mobile Enterprise
Unless you're starting a totally new operation, supporting your increasingly mobile workforce typically requires you to work with your existing equipment and services. Fortunately, there are now many ways to project advanced IP PBX and business functions out to road warriors and other roaming employees.

Many carriers and service providers don't quite realize that they're in the business of accurately billing customers. Their lapses in this area made possible a whole industry, Telecom Expense Management. But many companies now exist with advanced products and services that not only can help service providers, but take the concept of billing to a whole new level.

Location-Based Services
Location-Based Services (LBSs) are becoming increasingly popular, perhaps the most familiar being those involving navigation, e.g. Google Maps for your Phone or Nokia Maps. And there are such things as geo-tagging photos and mobile social networking. The original LBS was E911 service, mandated by the FCC. Nearly all present-day LBS applications are based on GPS or other workarounds, not on operator provided location services.

Open Source Selection Criteria
Open source telephony has revolutionized the world of small- and medium-sized business communications. Digium's Asterisk platform was the first cost-effective way to provide big-enterprise telephony functionality to smaller organizations. While the basic versions of such software is free, business users will want to deal with companies that provide support and additional features for a reasonable fee.

Note that TMCnet is a media partner for *Cluecon 2009 and Digium Asterisk World, conferences that focus with emphasis on open source developers but also entrepreneurs and more. See www.cluecon.com and http://www.tmcnet.com/voip/conference/east-09/digium-asterisk-world.htm. Both are extremely effective experiences.

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* DIDX is a media partner for Cluecon 2009. Special note to DIDX.net members: check your DIDX email soon for how important you are to Cluecon 2009.

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