Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Shamefully Commercial Groovytel.com Blog Post

You know you're groovy. We know you're groovy. Kelly shares with you in Chinese how to Try a free Number on www.groovytel.com! Groovytel lets you get local phone numbers from USA and set them to ring to many different instant messenger programs.

See how to get in the psychodelic groove and buy the local phone numbers from the cities where your friends, business partners, and family are. Forward them to your instant messenger ID's. Get the calls on your computer or even cell phone via the Groovytel service on your favorite IM program.

More news TBA, dude! (Groovytel.com is one of the 6500 powerhouse Internet Protocol-based communications companies using DIDXchange for DID direct inward dialing phone numbers from up to 55 nations.)

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