Tuesday, August 07, 2007

In One Sentence He Screwed it all Up

Raising a child, growing a VoIP or anything over IP business, and keeping friends are exciting and rewarding. But how do we handle failure?

I learned how from my son when he was a toddler. Some of our favorite things to do together were putting puzzles together and building structures with Legos and Lincoln Logs. We would finish a masterpiece and step back to admire, and then pow! My son would knock the thing of beauty to smithereens, laughing.

Today, I spend several hours trying to rebuild a customer's trust or a friend's broken heart, and pow! A colleague or family member can in just one sentence... smash the "masterpiece" to smithereens.

Should I laugh? Because maybe I am guilty of the same thing sometimes when, in one sentence, I throw it all away.

(Now, what scent should exude from this post? I think the scent of Frootloops in chocolate milk or maybe a lemon. Aw, scent over IP, when will it be mainstream?)

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