Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bill McCarthy Shares Ideas on International Business

Listen to the DIDX podcast of Bill who is CEO of Vocati Communications.

On the Vocati Communications blog, he mentions a few more words on the value of DIDX for IP communications' companies and how that wholesale platform enables the valuable end users to have a local presence where they need to in the world:

The person doing the interview was very generous and very kind. We are a huge fan of DIDX and what they do. Anyone visiting the page can purchase DIDs from any of the countries mentioned (and many more) from us or directly from DiDx (but what fun would that be?)

We are going to do a Spanish Version of this interview with Andres Acero, the other founder and Chief Operations Officer Worldwide and will share his thoughts with the listeners of this podcast. This is scheduled for December so stay tune!

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