Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Want QUALITY, Who Cares about QUANTITY?

First, this blog post is not targeted at one person. It is targeted at every person who puts QUANTITY ahead of QUALITY. It does not work, you all! It does not work.

Why is there this mad rush for quantity? Am I right? Large quantities of people surround you, pushing you, expecting you to amass large quantities of:

1. Twitter followers
2. Facebook friends
3. Multi-tasking at work and play
4. Cell phones
5. Social networking memberships
6. Sales leads
7. How MANY INSTANT MESSENGER WINDOWS can you have going at one time?
8. How MANY services and products can your company provide at one time?
9. Let's see how many projects you can take part in at one time for your company?

Results: NO QUALITY! This is my rant for this month. Those who choose QUANTITY. I am not sorry to say, I do not. I choose QUALITY.

I'm going to run a quality 3 miles in my neighborhood, I'll make a quality cup of coffee with just a little sugar, and I will dig into my quality calls, emails, projects, press releases, website debugging, award applications, HR training, new hosted rebranded client contracts, work for global conferences, etc. etc. etc.

QUALITY! Does everybody hear me? Love y'all. Gotta run!

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