Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Social Media Marketing Mistakes Debate

Good job, Pam Lontos and Maurice Ramirez, Ph.D! They are the authors of "The Top 5 Mistakes of Social Media Marketing." What do you think?

1. Have one image of yourself (brand) broadcast across the different SMM Internet platforms. I admit that I do have a different picture in a few places: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Hi5, Plaxo, etc. and when I get a chance I'll streamline the profile pics, but it should be me, not what someone else wants me to be. I would never tell you what you should be. Besides, here ... I think image ... is mental, not physical (visual).

2. Don't just collect people. Make each relationship meaningful. Doesn't mean you have to be BFF with every single one, but know who they are and interact occasionally in ways that help you both.

3. Make your Facebook updates and Tweets, etc. helpful to your readers and observers and those interacting with you. Actually I disagree a bit with them on this item. They state saying something like this for a Tweet, "I'm watching a movie and eating popcorn," might not be a good idea. I think a little personal information mixed in with your commercial messages make us all fit a bit more connected. Maybe be a little more specific... like, "I'm watching Yes Man and eating some lime salted popcorn." Hmm... I might go watch that and try that popcorn, and I realize you are just as human as I am. I feel a bit more ... connected? ;-)

4. Posting inappropriate messages. Be as conservative as your most conservative client. Wait! There's such a thing as being boring and too safe. Be a bit of a risk taker. Be a little bit yourself. That's my opinion. Okay, so never post anything you wouldn't want your grandmother to see? What goes through my head is... what would I be willing to share with my Dad who is a preacher for the church of Christ. He's pretty funny himself and quite down to earth even though this particular church is known to be very conservative. Well, he's not my client, but he's a good measure of what's appropriate for me.

5. The last one... If you have something that is important to you to say and you think others can benefit from it, post it somewhere it feeds into all your social media marketing platforms you use. does a pretty good job at this. Facebook newsfeed can go automatically to Plaxo, etc.

I was thinking of a few more:
1. Making too many rules for those who follow you, add you, or want to befriend you. That's so negative, like I don't do NDAs or anyone who Tweets too much is off my network, or I don't accept people who don't add the TM mark on marks that require it.

2. Adding everyone, accepting everyone into your networks, even though you totally do not support their image. I.e., those who are constantly proselytizing their religion, politics, lifestyle or who put their company commercials on your wall without a real business relationship to begin with. You can say, "No." You can delete. You can block. You have the right. So I guess I do have a few rules.

You probably do, too. Debate is welcome as always!

Again, what do you think?

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