Friday, May 30, 2008

NXTcomm... don't just survive, THRIVE!

NXTcomm is one event I attended last year 2007. It was in beautiful Chicago, and when I left for home, I brought back around 800+ business cards, over 300 new signups on by global telcos to sell and buy direct inward dialing, and made some of the best business friendships imaginable.

NXTcomm08 is just a couple weeks away. You can sign up here. Enter the DIVS code to get a great discount on the full conference or free Exhibits Plus Pass, and it's in LAS VEGAS!

All those world-famous, innovative members, suppliers, and partners of, please contact me on email to make sure you RSVP the DIDX Dinner Party scheduled for the Wednesday during the week of June 16 - 20.

Everyone is welcome to get with me for your video interview about your services and products and why you choose NXTcomm08, and remember, it's all about you and your renewed successes in voice, wireless, video, social networking, security, peering, and everything in between business! But RSVP now for your video interview.

(Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDX, a media sponsor and exhibitor at NXTcomm08 booth SU7202... add yourself to the networking group/event for NXTcomm08 at this Facebook URL.)


Michael Valera said...

I met you at Internet Telephony last year and stumbled across your blog. I will stop by and say hello at NXTcomm! :) said...

Great, Michael! I've sent you response via Linkedin, including my direct email address. Will you email me? I'll follow up with my contact phones and a special dinner party invite.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne can you please, please stop spamming me from care@DIDX? I have asked politely for literally years and still no out. I want you to lose my address, please. Your mailings totally ignore opt out, even if I never opted in.

randulo@ search for it in your database and remove it please? said...

Hi R. I've talked with you before on Facebook and by email. I wonder who signed you up for DIDX? We didn't sign you up. BTW, I publicly announce as you publicly request that you should not get any mailings. Life is short, so we're going to make the best of it!!!!!! ;-)