Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A Website Development Company Who Focuses on U Needs Business Partner

A gentleman named Owais Zareef, CEO of U Online Technologies, is looking for an outgoing, social-networks-savvy, USA-based person to work with him.

What he says they do 

  1. We are website design and website development company. 
  2. We work by 2 different names and 
  3. Most of the work we do is from international market (USA, Canada, Australia and others). 
  4. We have good clients and we are making good connections around the globe, too.  
What we want from the partner. 

  1. Looking for someone to take U Online (all about U ... the client U are working with) on international platform. 
  2. Option to be a business partner. 
  3. 30% on every sale. 
  4. Decide how you will make it happen.
  5. Market our services. 
  6. Sell our services. 
  7. Promote our services. 

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