Thursday, July 21, 2011

Green Feels Good

Jobless ... I was thinking about how I enjoy learning about and sharing what I learn especially in regards to three concepts:

1. IP communications and social networking empowerment

2. IP communications and social networking collaborations

3. IP communications and social networking monetization

There are big changes occurring in my life because of aging and career moves, but I am not afraid. The fear gene is very small in me. I met my husband Michael Bowen via Yahoo personals in 2003. I met the business partner Rehan Ahmed in 1995 of the company we founded in 1999 and grew to great success. Today I am jobless, but I feel great. I have time to pay attention to what I am really interested in, learning, researching, talking to my local and global friends to solve problems and maybe ... innovate.

I even noticed that my herb and vegetable and fruit garden has yellow squash, watermelon, chives, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, cucumbers, marigolds, zinnias and collard greens growing in it. Normally, each year I do plant seeds, but I never have time to even look at the garden after that. My salads are looking good nowadays!

Today I brainstormed via some voice over Internet applications with a Filipino history teacher and a Pakistani software and website developer on what I can do with my future, and what they might like to do. As a result. the teacher is going to start a podcast channel with interviews between his students in Manila and all types of people abroad. The developer will possibly add a Donate button and/or a Get Featured button to his website to start monetizing it in a fun way.

I feel rich with green all around me, new ideas, new possibilities, and the time to see and interact with it all.

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