Thursday, November 04, 2010

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Cry a Little, Laugh a Lot and Keep it UP

When people make negative reference to where you live, where you were born, your gender, lifestyle, culture, religion and other such social and personal characteristics in business, it just makes you and me realize what?

My first thought is ... for example, okay, so I am a white woman, the daughter of a protestant preacher and Vietnam War veteran, the wife of a USA government civil servant employee who works under the Department of Defense ... and I must say, it is true. On one hand, my husband tells me that I have to set my expectations for myself and my company higher than if I were a man. That's not a mystery to me.

My business partner who started Super Technologies, Inc. with me and many of the people in my company are from India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, but they are also some of the brightest, wisest, hard-working people I have ever met in my life.

I have traveled a lot in my life as a teacher, writer, entrepreneur, and business-owner with the goal to help my customers, number 1, and I do know that people do business differently in each area of the world.

But when I read something like this, after the countless 10-16 hour days that I and everyone in my company work and care for our customers, I admit for few moments that I want to cry.

But I can't. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Read the whole thread at with search phrase: DIDX Query ... to find the following comments about

> The debasement, cultural Third Worldisation, and used car salesmanship
> of the VoIP origination business presently being ascribed to DIDX in
> this thread is a real story, consisting of real thoughts by real
> people that is a useful data point from an empirical perspective.
> Everyone is, of course, free to make their own judgments and
> purchasing decisions.  However, there is clearly sufficient consensus
> around this angle on it that it's not just a figment of one
> disgruntled individual's imagination.

You can imagine after 11 years of working with a global team to help thousands of voip companies have success with easier, more flexible choice of DID and DDI ... to read such a summary...

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