Friday, April 30, 2010

Why Do We Try to Stay up There if it's So Dangerous?

I just read Tracy Ford's article on RCR Wireless regarding Steve Jobs and Apple, and thought about how scary it is to be on top.

"Is anyone else a little tired of Steve Jobs?, the el jefe of the all things that start with i?"

I laughed, and then, I realized how much I talk about running, my family, DIDX, conferences, and the books I love. My deep curiosity for research and play keep me honest here ... usually. I do become a pompous nitwit at times, but usually the open source community rebels cure me of that each time.

"More black turtlenecks to buy?"

I wanted to argue with her. What's wrong with a fashion statement? PTC-goers wear Hawaiian print. Astricon-goers wear moustaches and sunglasses. ITW-goers are all Matrix look-a-likes. ITEXPO-goers are an exception to this rule. They are an eclectic mix. CommunicAsia-goers are covered in gadgets. Mark wears "Kill Bill" shirt.

"And then my sister has turned Mac freak and calls me to gush about her latest purchase. And then I overheard my daughter (who has the iTouch) say she wants an iPad, well, the backlash just continues to climb."

I wanted to agree with her. My husband acts like he'll melt if he touches anything non-Apple. He reminds of the aliens in "Rain, Rain, Go Away" by Isaac Asimov.

"All I can say is Go HP! Go Moto! Go HTC! Go LG! Go Samsung! Go Nokia! Go RIM! Go Sony-Ericsson! If I know anything about this industry it is that the mighty can fall. AT&T Wireless messed up local number portability and had to put itself up for sale. This industry is rife with stories of one misstep -- and BAM – someone steals your spot in line. It's time for some line-stealing, I say."

I can see all sides, I think? But maybe not when I'm in the middle of a "who-know's what" obsession for something I'm currently GaGa about. 

Tevye, one of my favorite movie characters of all time asks, "Why do we stay up there if it's so dangerous?"

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