Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Several of us in the IP communications industry met Jean-Paul Moka via Facebook social networking site. We guided him on using Skype and other voice over Internet solutions. He's running for *President of the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2011. He shared with me how much USA President Barack Obama has been and is on people all over the world, that they are inspired by his intelligence, eloquence, good deeds and example.

U-Lead tags Mr. Moka as a **"blood-spot free," a Reverend, fun Loving, an economist, Belgium Expat,  and Peaceful Initiator with an Afroploitan Mentalities. Watch the video where Jean-Paul Moka shares his vision.

Untitled from alex on Vimeo.

* This is not a political belief of Super Technologies, Inc. It is the sharing of information only.
** "Blood-spot free" means never involved in war.
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