Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Thoughts and Teach her Some Cool New VoIP Service

Can I change the words to a song? First, buy Bette Midler, so people won't say I am plagiarizing or copying something I shouldn't.

Second, I miss my mother, who like me needed a keyfinder. She physically left me one year after my only son was born. She was always so proud of me and let me know it. She pushed me incessantly. On the other hand, she showed me the way to kindness, compassion, and understanding. She surrounded herself with what others would call the "no-bodies," "nerds," "outcasts." When I think of how lovely and inspiring she was, I want to cry with sadness of missing her and the joy of remembering her. I have another mother now, Millie. Hugs, Millie!!! She's just as beautiful.

This song reminds me of the woman who birthed me in 1959, but I changed the words a bit and left some out that don't fit her. Mom, I won't ever forget you.

It must have been cold there in everyone's shadow,

but you always had sunshine in your face.

You were content to let us all shine, that was your way.

You always walked beside us all, trying to pull us forward.

So we were the ones who got all the glory,

while you were the one with all the guts.

A beautiful face without a care for yourself.

A beautiful smile to hide all that pain.

Did you ever know that you're our hero,

and everything we wish we could be?

We can fly higher than an avatar,

for you were and are the wind beneath our egos.

It might seem that we've forgotten,

but we've got it tucked here inside our hearts.

We want you to know we know the truth, yeah.

We would be idiots without you.

Did you ever know that you're our hero... still?

You're everything we wish we could be.

We could fly higher than an avatar,

because you are the wind beneath our egos.

(Mother's Day is May 9, 2010. Call Mom. Use your favorite voIP service. Even better, show her how to use some cool voIP service. Get her a virtual phone line or number. Write a story about her.)

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Michael Bowen said...

Bette made the song popular, but Gary Morris wrote it. However, I think Bette's version is better!