Friday, April 16, 2010

Moonitin, Egalitarian IP Communications Service for English Teachers and the Like

Moonitin, totally egalitarian, nothing elitist about it, has this highly verbal feel to it. I'm expecting similes, metaphors, sonnets, alliteration and such to jump out at me. It's IP Communications for those who like a portal that compliments their quest for sophisticated language. I can dig it as an ex-English teacher. So what can you and I do with Moonitin?

Send SMS, texts, voice messages, and mail over IP.

Get your own Hyperpager USA DID phone number.

Connect your Moonitin to news, finance, information, Twitter,, and HelloTxt.

Not an all-inclusive list.

Again, I am impressed as only Garrison Keillor and ex-English teachers like me can be ... at the language. I.e., here is an example of what I read in my Moonitin portal.

"Moonitin brings a number of new nouns and (that may also be) verbs into our everyday vocabulary, and an understanding of them is necessary to poste-haste communicate in and about the most efficient and egalitarian communication technology in the history of our world. Please bear with us as we use some new terms freely in our explanatory notes and sometimes even redundantly/ interchangeably to best give you a feel for how dexterously we see them being used."

I'm in love. Ha ha! I'm a fan now.

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