Friday, July 10, 2009

What an Awesome Speaker List 4G World


• Farid Arifuddin, Managing Director, Vavasi (India)
• Mike Fitz, VP Converged Services, Sprint
• Matt Oommen, VP-Device and Technology Development, Sprint
• Stephen Bye, VP of Wireless, Cox Communications
• Keith Cowan, President, Strategic Planning, Corporate Initiatives &
CDMA, Sprint Nextel Corporation
• Kevin Curran, SVP, Wireless Product Management, Cablevision Systems
• Dr. Rafael del Villar Alrich, Commissioner, COFETEL
• Cliff Dinwiddie, Director, Data & IP Strategic and Business
Development, Qwest Communications
• Kelley Dunne, CEO, DigitalBridge Communications
• Erik Hallberg, SVP & Head of Mobility Services Sweden, TeliaSonera
• Joel Hariton, Chief Technology Officer, Reliance WiMAX World
• John Horn, National Director, M2M, T-Mobile USA
• Dr. Teddy Huang, President & CEO, VMAX Telecom
• Hank Hultquist, VP, Federal Regulatory, AT&T
• Magnus Johansson, Wireless Broadband Group Director, Digicel
• Milan Kovačević, Deputy Executive Manager, Saga d.o.o,
• Michael Lai, CEO, Packet One Networks (Malaysia)
• Glenn Lurie, President—Emerging Devices and National Resale, AT&T
• Gerard MacNamee, CTO, UK Broadband
• Joan Marsh, VP of Federal Regulatory Affairs, AT&T
• Alejandro Mayagoitia, Manager, TELECOMARCA (Mexico)
• Tajit Mehta, Spectrum Negotiator, Spectrum Development, Clearwire,
and Co-Chair, WCAI’s GDC
• Mike Mies, CEO, Mainstreet Broadband
• Bill Morrow, Chief Executive Officer, Clearwire
• Ing. Javier Fernandez Noriega, National Technical Manager,
Multivision S.A. (Bolivia)
• Hyacinth Nwana, Managing Director - Mobile Media Solutions, Arquiva

• Mark Pagon, CEO, Xanadoo Company
• Neville Ray - SVP of Engineering and Operations, T-Mobile USA
• Scott Richardson, SVP and CSO, Clearwire
• Kristin S. Rinne, SVP – Architecture & Planning, AT&T
• Michael Rocca, Group Managing Director, Telstra Networks & Services

• Mike Roudi, Group VP, Wireless Services, Time Warner Cable
• Gerard Salemme, EVP and Director, Clearwire
• Mike Sievert, Chief Commercial Officer, Clearwire
• Dr. Ahmed Abbas Sindi, CEO, Etihad Atheeb Telecommunication Company

• Lee Sparkman, President, Enforta (Russia)
• Dennis Sverdlov, CEO, Yota
• Maurice Thompson, Director, Open Development, Verizon Wireless
• Dave Williams, SVP of Wireless Technology, Comcast Corporation
• Mike Wright, Executive Director, Wireless, Telstra Networks &
• Naeem Zamindar, VP and Head of Broadband, Mobilink (Pakistan)

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