Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sharing CFMS with a Few Dozen Entrepreneurs

I haven't been blogging nor running much on SuperTec blogs nor my TMCNET blog in the last week because of a four letter acronym CFMS.

We (Super Technologies, Inc.) are in the middle of helping a few dozen new businesses start up with Call Forward Management System. It's quite hectic and enjoyable. DIDX members are often some of the most fascinating entrepreneurs. They are not necessarily from within the IP communications industry. They are often outside of it and see the potential of layering local international phone numbers for what feels like 50 million different reasons. Virtualphoneline is a general example.

I spoke with Jim Van Meggelen yesterday because I needed some inspiration and I want to set up a podcast interview with him soon, and while talking, we agreed that these are the movers and shakers, these entrepreneurs who serve a special market niche in ways that you and I never thought of before.

They choose the CFMS business we offer because it comes with what they have been trying to do manually (which wastes a lot of valuable time) for a few months or even years: sign up, sales, billing, ticketing communications system, fraud prevention tools; reports for call details, sales, past due; ring to options such as Google Talk, MSN instant messenger, PSTN, SIP, IAX2, FWD, Truphone, and the list goes on.

In about 61 minutes, I start the first of 12 CFMS tours, and I can't wait to hear these ladies and gentlemen's business plans which will include using CFMS.

(As an aside, like as if this blog is a diary, I have gained 15 pounds in the past 12 months of travel, sitting at a computer, a reduction of running from 2007 ... 50 miles per week to 2-6 miles per week. It's amazing. I need to get back into running for my physical and emotional health.)

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