Sunday, October 05, 2008

Nihari, Telecom Billboards, and Empowerment of Internet

Thanks to, we were finally able to upload a copy of my presentation given at ITCN Asia 2008 in Karachi, Pakistan where 127,000 individuals attended and around 200 exhibited. I was definitely excited about the opportunity to speak among Asia's brightest telecom, government, technology-related minds.

Pakistan is a trend-setter in telecommunications. Its Wateen provides countrywide WIMAX, the first in the world to do this. PTCL offers countrywide IPTV, another world first. The price of a call to the USA from a Pakistan cell phone is around 1 cent per minute and SMS is commonly used, included in your package. Ufone, Chinamobile (I used Zong while there, great deal), Mobilink, and other cell phone services offer more services at lower rates than any cell phone services in the United States.

While in Pakistan, I visited with each of these companies at their offices as well as Telenor, Telecard, Hazara Telecom and more.

My stop in Pakistan was one of many stops around the world in August 2008 where my goals were to visit current and potential clients, suppliers, and the world's telecommunications think tank. Next time, I'm bringing my colleagues Steve Cayona, Anna Hollis, Sergey Okhapkin, and Lisa-anne Routley and any of the others who are ready for a global trip.

The presentation is at Other videos of other speakers are listed on my TMCNET blog, Youtube, and Google.

(One last item, as mentioned by me at Viddler, I apologize for my comment about Chinese and Vietnamese accent on English. If I could take it back, I would.)


Shahid Malik said...

It was an honor meeting you at Rehan Sir's place and to shake hands with you. You're one of the greatest person I know Ma'am!

God bless you.


Shahid Malik said...

you look great in the presentation video. said...

Definitely I'll save these comments for the tough days of my life. Everyone who has ever worked with me is a great inspiration for me, and you are one of the best, Shahid.