Tuesday, July 17, 2007

DIDX, DIDXchange Booth 356, Internet Telephony Conference and Expo West Sept 10-12, 2007

"Come stand under our umbrella at www.didx.net and visit us at Internet Telephony Conference and Expo West 2007 in Los Angeles, California. From Sept 10-11, 2007, come see us at the DIDXchange booth 356. DIDX and its 6200+ Internet protocol-based communications companies know business is much easier, more lucrative and more fun when even competitors collaborate," says Suzanne Bowen, CEO, Super Technologies, Inc., creators of DIDX.net.

Complete one simple 6 step interop to get an instant interconnect with the 6200 member DIDXchange and have access to buy from millions of DID (direct inward dialing phone numbers). Use the free API to buy and/or sell DID. Carriers with DID to sell can lose a common headache but listing the DID for sale on DIDX to premium worldwide telephony companies.

Signup at http://www.itexpo.com to meet those you can provide service to such as enterprise, SMB, and residential consumers as well as to find out the RIGHT parties to collaborate with like DIDXchange and also to start partnerships with businesses who can offer your wholesale company empowering products and tools.

Internet Telephony Expo West 2007 has special conference tracks pertinent to:
Rural Telcos, MSOs

All IP communications and information companies are invited to sign up to participate in www.didx.net today. Visit us at our booth at Internet Telephony Expo West 2007 Sept 10-11, 2007 at booth 356. DIDX and the IT Expo West rock! Be a part of the most brilliant, revenue-building solutions to communications today.

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