Monday, July 23, 2007

Digital Desiderata from DIDX DIDXchange Suzanne

Bug fixes, patches, suggestions, and ideas for additional anything over Internet protocol "desiderata" list are welcome. Just click to comment! ;-)

1. Complete one action each day that helps to stop the digital divide. Start by defining your industry's acronyms to newbies.

2. The Internet shall provide the opportunity for meaningful exchange among all, excluding harmful exploitation such as human trafficking.

3. Laughter, curiosity, and the refusal to let the fact that others will ignore even your brightest ideas to bring you down... will help you to go further than the digitally smug.

4. Help your Internet neighbors, especially those who are your competitors. A rising tide floats all boats.

5. Your great knowledge of new and complicated technologies shall not be your license to express derision toward those without it.

6. Thou shalt not force a beta test on your paying customers.

7. Support the discussion of entrepreneurial mash-ups on and offline without ridicule. Question and test them, sure, but ditch the ridicule.

8. Bring those guilty of buying Internet services with stolen credit cards together with their victims, so they might experience the enlightenment of forgiveness.

9. Protect the Internet's gullible. Do not blog deceitfully.

10. Have the integrity to refrain from charging back payments you yourself made with your own credit card for Internet services.

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