Monday, July 16, 2007

Balancing Internet Telephony Acronyms in a Technical Manual - Recovery from the Weekend

For some reason I overdo my fun on the weekends just as I am somewhat a workaholic who tries to see how much I can multi-task without my PC freezing up, Monday through Friday.

How should we recover from Karaoke, Snickers chocolate cake and bowling with Michael, Petra, Christian, Stacie and Rock on a Saturday night? And from running 8 miles the next morning on an empty stomach at Pensacola Beach, Florida (well, a few sips of strong coffee with French vanilla foo foo cream)?

Ah, by writing a technical manual, and that is what I did, write the hosted voIP manual while viewing engineering disasters on the History channel. I could feel my heart rate slowing to a comfortable pace as I typed an endless array of Internet telephony acronyms and buzz words. I occasionally answered requests for confirmation, questions from my network, and browsed a few new applications all on Oh, and then, I called a DIDX member in Australia via his NYC DID using Gizmo Project and chatted about getting new country codes DID added to DIDX this week. Emailed Truphone re: discussion of a certain kind of phone number. Thanked a VoIP hero (with my Jaxtr line) who is a great blogger for talking about DIDXchange, the panacea of DID woes! I was just about to login to my newest Internet Telephony online course. I'm one of those silly life-long learners.

My husband brings me a glass of cold soy milk and says, "It's 9:30 PM Sunday night. Why don't you relax and stop working?"


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