Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Interview with Open Source Enthusiast, Indie Songwriter and Human Rights Activist Karl Ramirez

Photo Slideshow of Karl Ramirez

Our world is full of diverse and intelligent people who are taking risks and stepping out of the box to improve their communities via music, art, science, literature, sports and not war. Internet protocol-based communications make it possible for me to actually to them in the remotest and the most developed areas North, South, East and West. May I share today a thought-provoking audio recording with Karl Ramirez, Indie songwriter, human rights activist and open source enthusiast from the Philippines?

A link to a text summary of our talk and all three audio podcasts (part 1-3) is on Podbean. Feel free to connect with Karl Martinez on PinoyKubo and on his Fan Page there, Facebook or Bandbox.

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