Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is the Phone Number (DID) Dead?

I had this idea to share with the world of telecom-related providers that the phone number is not dead, even though we have social networking, cell phones,email, instant messengers, and tons of unified and converged communications solutions.

So, I emailed Hugh Goldstein my idea in the form of a Power Point presentation. And ... ITEXPO West has accepted.

Topic: Voice Interconnect and Peering Conference during ITEXPO West! Visit to sign up to attend, sponsor, exhibit.

Description: As VoIP services, presence, app markets and social networking begin to merge and dominate the consumer's Internet focus, are e.164 telephone numbers a thing of the past? Evidence suggests this is far from the case, in fact, LNP and DID wholesale providers are opening up new opportunities for e.164 numbers to enable new communications services and take a key functional role in the integration of new Web communications platforms and experiences. This panel will explore the trends and opportunities, and give use cases for social networking, Video telephony and nongeographic number business and use scenarios.

Session Title: Be sure to come to the Apps & Numbers: How 3.164 Numbers are Enabling New Communications Services session at

Rod Ullens Co-Founder & CEO -Voxbone
Bryan Hertz CEO, VoxOx -TelCentris
Suzanne Bowen Vice President, Super Technologies, DIDXchange, Techistan

Date: Oct. 5, 2010 Tuesday at 9:30 AM

Place: ITEXPO West at the Los Angeles Convention Center

Visit me Suzanne Bowen and some of our DIDX Team Members, DIDX Customers and Vendors, and open source developers at booth 143 during ITEXPO West Oct. 4-6, 2010. You can sign up now. It's in Los Angeles.

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