Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What about CNAM and DIDX wholesale phone numbers?

LeapFrog Chat and Count PhoneFor CNAM inbound DIDX does not control CNAM inbound. DIDX can only send what we get from provider (vendor or seller) of the phone number. Whatever features come with each DID voip phone number is clearly listed in cells or fields you can see when you click on the phone number's details before buying including CNAM or No CNAM.

However, in most cases, after the sale of a NON-CNAM enabled DID voip phone number, we can ask the provider to make the Name of the registered callers only on the DIDX Buyer's customer's DID number by activating CNAM Inbound service on the number. DIDX will be charged from the provider (seller, vendor) an extra fee per month and DIDX will pass that fee onto the DIDX Buyer if ordered.
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