Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Street Kids of Pakistan, an Act of Love by Ozair Rao and others

Ozair, thank you for sharing this story. It sounds like some of mine when I taught at George W. Carver Middle School in Century, FL. I hope you don't mind that share the mission of "street kids of Pakistan" and your recent letter with the world here on my blog.

did u guys know? a child's basic need is to atleast have a glass of milk every day, not so suprisingly our steet kids have grown other needs, such as "samad bond"(glue sniffing), ciggrettes, "churs" (weed) etc..

many of these kids are either runaways, kicked out of the house, born to beggars, born to women in our prisons. what is a woman in our society to do if left out on the streets with their kids after serving their yrs in prison...wud YOU give them work?? then who will and who should? ..the govt should! every country has a ministry for children as operational departments of their goverments..

we have thousands of ngo's but only a handful are actually using those donations to help out the street children of pakistan.. guys this is our governments duty to actually do something about these kids, open up a ministry open up schools, open up shelters, educate them, vaccinate them, save them from street abuse, save them from aids and other deadly diseases...

is this the future of our country? ...join this group only if u r willing to make a difference..guys we want to take this to the supreme court asap as a suo moto (public interest) case, so sign up and lets spread some awareness...

btw if u get time watch the documentary made by the dawn news features staff on street kids, its called equinox.

Ozair Rao from the street kids of Pakistan on June 14 at 5:00pm

Off we went to the beach in this big bus.. picking up a few kids on the way as well.. dancing fighting and singing in the bus.. on reaching the beach a few of the bigger kids jumped and swap up to a few air boats and i i had to shout well yell out my lungs to call them.. then we had lunch.. chicken biryani and juices.. and went back to the beach.. with a lot of mangoes.. which we had on the beach... came back.. toook a chips biscuit n juice break again and again we went off to the beach playing cricket... footaball and with balls in the water... ok now that the electricity didnt come back due as our president was visiting the city.. so our music system went to waste.. and so we decided to ride camels and have fun.. and so we did.. next again before leaving we had another biryani drinks biscuit chips meal... candies nimco and the left over drinks we utilized on the way as the dacning session continued in the big bus... a few left overs.. i.e a box of chips a little nimco and a box of biscuits and a few drinks we given to the street kids organization specially for the education session that is being held every day between 2-4 pm. Also an amplifier was given to them that they could utilize in future outdoor visits.

So in the end.. everyone had a great time.

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