Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What do you think of FCC's National Broadband Plan?

Sending my thanks to TMCnet for interviewing me on FCC's new broadband plan at http://www.tmcnet.com/channels/did-ddi/articles/78779-didxchange-broadband-plan-packs-potential-communications-market.htm.

How would you answer the same questions?

TMCnet Editor Stefania Viscusi: “What do you think of the FCC’s national broadband plan?”

Suzanne Bowen: Remember, I'm an ex-English teacher turned small business owner, so I have a different view than most who might have spent their whole career in telecommunications, engineering, and/or business in general.

Isn't this a 376 page preliminary report, like a first draft of a framework, so what we read today will change tomorrow? And what's wrong with that as long as progress is made? For the people, you and me and them. I see a potential for new kinds of jobs to replace the old and obsolete, more opportunities for more education for those who need it, and even better ... more collaborative education, improved public safety networks, narrowed gap between the 'haves' and the 'have nots,' and because of this, the empowerment of entrepreneurs with the tools needed to start businesses that put the unemployed back to work.

TMCnet Editor Stefania Viscusi: “How do you expect this plan to affect your markets?”

Suzanne Bowen: Our market is in every corner of Earth, wherever any one has a softswitch and an empowering and practical entrepreneurial idea for business. The plan would be a step in the right direction for that type of individual or organization who wants to leverage direct inward dialing and call forward management with other services and products. In turn, it pushes the future-thinking (previously traditional) telecoms who are major suppliers of DID on DIDX, to expand their Internet and wireless services, products and devices and to change the paradigm of expected main streams of revenue.

TMCnet Editor Stefania Viscusi:: “Any other thoughts on what this new plan means for the future of communications””

Suzanne Bowen: It's a bit lofty and dreamy for me to say, but here we go: Innovation might get new opportunities to come out of hiding in the minds of the most unobvious locations and types of people.

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