Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mzinga, Techistan and Rad-Info Share Social Media for Business Marketing

First, let me thank the guys from who used my camera to film this. In fact, if anyone was at this panel discussion during ITEXPO East 2010 that Mzinga, Rad-Info and I were a part of and knows these guys, put them in touch with me. I want to thank them and love the commentary behind the camera. You must listen. If you can't see the video on this blog, go to Viddler. The video is 34 minutes long, too long to upload to Youtube. The original, much better quality version was almost 1 1/2 GB large, so I had to reduce the size and therefore the video quality, but the voice sounds pretty good.

Second, so sorry... me, the English teacher starting the presentation with a subject verb non-agreement. __________ and __________ is? Bad, bad. On the other hand listen to Isaac, Peter, some the audience and me as we share tips.

Mzinga's Isaac talks about who is the audience, solving your audience's needs, being a good observer, keeping in mind membership ROI (your networks)... It's a toolbox that enables conversations. Traditional marketing like mass emails compared to the new shows the greater efficiency of the new. He shares two case studies, the second one was their client AllState Insurance. The company looked to Mzinga to help them guildi a community on Allstate website for social networking. It would help their clients really interact with representatives about things like teenage car drivers, drinking and driving, seatbelts, senior citizen and estate planning, etc. Instead of keeping this in a walled garden, Mzinga helped Allstate use what is already available on the Internet in the form of social media.

I mention Linkedin recommendations and questions and answers; Facebook events, wall, pages and groups; Twitter's feed into Linkedin, mixing social media to help clients, vendors and industry partners get what THEY want. More on blogging and podcasting, digging to China,  and more. Isaac has a very professional social networking/media service at Mzinga that he discusses. I share one case study of the one year marketing campaign to help Kenyan Americans get Kenya DID on DIDx.

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