Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thank You to the Author of the Wakeup Call Email

"Failure to accept responsibility and quickness to blame" attitude and the dismal, depressing situations it can lead to ... I read this in an email just now. What a wakeup call! Thank you to the author of that email.

In fact, the more we accept responsibility for our actions and the less likely we are to so quickly blame another, the more successful we will be. This applies to Earth, country, state or province, city, province, church, synagogue, mosque, temple, club, organization, business and individual. Stop blaming someone else, and let's get up off our lazy, sniveling ... and buck up.

It's called integrity, truth, confidence and healthy belief in the power of self.

People like to be around those I will call "boomshakalakas" who are positive, confident, successful, not afraid to admit mistakes, find a better way, find and bring out the best in others, and collaborative in nature.

They prefer not to be around those I will call "woeismeeveryonepicksonmes" who blame others, complain, whine, and are always angry, full of pride, and insecurity. I hope 2010 will see you and me as the "boomshakalakas!"

This post is more for me and my reminder than anything else.

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