Sunday, November 22, 2009

Suzanne Danna's Business Advice

The DIDX care team are enablers of new start-ups from 170 nations and hopefully the rest soon. I have worked remotely for almost eleven years with a team that is situated in as many as six nations at one time. I'm contemplating right now... why has it been so much joy for me? Pride in what the services that our company provides, in the professional growth of each employee through time, listening to the business plans of thousands of hopeful entrepreneurs and traditional telecoms in every nook and cranny of Earth and being a part of helping them make their goals and dreams reality. One of them asked me for my advice Friday.

My advice? Nothing to do with telecommunications or business in any way...

1. Children are a reminder for us to do and be good. Absolutely precious and thought-provoking.
2. As Dexter taught me, "Here we go YOYO," at the beginning of tough tasks and, "Pidda Hut," when they are over.
3. Collaborate with your competitors. 1 2
4. Don't laugh about things like "scent over IP." 1 2
5. Print your business cards on light colored paper that are easy to write on.
6. A healthy combination of collaboration, exhibition, and observance is better than majority emphasis on just one of them.
7. Don't let yourself become the lead character in "The Emperor's New Clothes."
8. Keep your nose down. The farther the nose rises, the more likely your friends will become your enemies.
9. You do not have to be everywhere at once, but a virtual phone line may help. ;-) Ask your telecom provider for one.
10. Find a song you can hum or sing to yourself during tough times like "Further Along," "All You Need is Love," or fill in the blank ___________________.
11. Let everything be about them and not you.
12. Be brave and that means you have to tell the truth and face the truth even though it may be scary and uncomfortable.

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