Sunday, July 19, 2009

Interview with Joel Driver, Asterisk Developer and Entrepreneur

Joel Driver first started playing with VoIP in 1995. Today he runs one of the web's most popular call forwarding service at Listen to our discussion on the DIDX podcasts.

myDivert is a hot spot for startup entrepreneurs who need a local presence in as many as 60+ countries. myDivert makes it easy for its customers to start receiving phone calls from those who are most important to them. Their business partners, potential and current customers, friends and family will make a local call that myDivert's solution will route to where its customers has chosen to forward to ... SIP, IAX2 or a cell phone or landline phone.

Joel shares his experience with a history of his business ventures, what he is doing now that he is most excited about, websites he uses the most, how he as a service provider and experienced Asterisk developer has helped DIDX to improve, and advice he gives to other service providers or carriers who want to use DIDX to buy or sell phonenumbers.

Joel of is a good example of quick understanding of SEM (search engine marketing) and makes good use of tools such as Facebook, blogs, Twitter and Youtube. You can find Joel to business with and learn from by "googling" "buy DID number" or visit

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