Saturday, June 06, 2009

Weekend of Tie Dye, Running and Skype Experimentation

So, it's the weekend, and a few friends, Lisa Johnson and Robert Thompson, Beverly and Steve Fair, Dee Meyers and her husband, Michael and I plan to try some tie dye after we spend first, a few hours get rid of house clutter at our yard sale. We'll probably cook some Hawaiian food together from a great cookbook Dee brought over.

We did a one hour run this morning starting from Running Wild on Scenic Highway in Pensacola. I'm still trying to "come back" from a year of shoulder dislocating travel, 60 hour work weeks, and a car wreck and so I'm slow, slow running. I was lucky enough to have someone to run with me the first few miles, and we talked about tie dye, the beautiful weather, men and what they usually talk about, the book Being Digital, over a decade old now, and how to use Skype.

I am not embarrassed to say I use Skype just as I am not embarrassed to say I use Gizmo Project, Truphone, Nimbuzz, TringMe, Jaxtr, Super-Phone, Virtualphoneline, BlinkMind's video phone service, SpeechPhone, and more for my telecommunication needs. Each come in handy for different reasons at different times. VoIP snobbery can be pretty claustrophobic.

I'm tired of rules.

It was my pleasure to explain to my fellow runner how to use Skype, what it will do for her and all the neat "plug-ins" you can use with it like PrettyMay. Next time, we'll talk about Gizmo Project. Pensacola in June 2009 on the weekend... it's a lovely time with friends and family. Can't wait for tomorrow with our group yard sale, tie dye trials, and Hawaiian cooking. Maybe a little downloading SIP agent to applicable cell phones?

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