Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vippie! VoiceServe at CommunicAsia 2009

I love the attitude of the VoiceServe team. They are at every conference we participate in. Their enthusiasm for their awesome services and how they can work with you are contagious. They will be at CommunicAsia June 16-19, 2009 in Singapore at booth 4C1-03. (DIDXchange will be at 4P3-09.) Register now at CommunicAsia to meet with companies like VoiceServe, one of the many valued members of DIDX.

Enjoy learning about the plethora of VoiceServe offerings: Complete billing + softswitch solution, Symbian Nokia Mobile Softphone with Tunnel, retail services with self-care web portal, class 5 robust softswitch, multi-tenant, multi-user IP PBX module for ITSPs, and flash web softphone! They garnered the coveted Innovation Award 2009 by TMC.

We are the luckiest company to have industry friends like VoiceServe team. We first met them in person at ITEXPO. (Hello back to you, from Rehan and the rest of the Super Technologies, Inc. team.) We are a media partner for CommunicAsia and ITEXPO via our media tools and channels, and it is a blast!

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