Friday, June 12, 2009

Participate in the VoIP Users Conference Skype to ZipDX

Just in on email from VoIP Users Conference ...
Hi all,

In about 4 hours from this writing, the G.722 conference bridge will be brought up, the Talkshoe G.711 also, so you can call in via SIP, PSTN or Skype (experimental) for all the gritty details

IRC #voip-users-conference anytime today

We'll also be talking about hosted PBX systems and what they might need to bring telephone into not the 20th, but the 21st century.

It seems like only yesterday, but it was 130 years ago in 1879, that the Bell company acquired Edison's patents for the carbon microphone from Western Union. This made the telephone practical for long distances and it was no longer necessary to shout to be heard at the receiving telephone. Funny, but on most cell phones it is again
necessary to shout to be heard;

See you in a few at or or skype:pfh-zdx?call&topic=200901


VUC is Fridays at 12 Noon Eastern, 9AM Pacific, 11AM Central

Calling: Please join and get a username and PIN.

PSTN: (724) 444-7444 22622# PIN#
Wideband in g722:

IRC #voip-users-conference or use the web:

Twitter: follow 'voipusers' and 'vucmailinglist' for the RSS feed of this list

Thanks to:
Digium and to all the participants

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