Monday, June 29, 2009

Podcasts on Ipod Motivate my Running

Every Sunday early AM, Tues and Thurs PM with Emerald Coast Racing Team, and Wed PM with CaptnFun Runners at Pensacola Beach, I hook up with my classic IPOD with 100s of podcasts from, Bending the Needle, VoIP Users Conference and Stardust Global Ventures' Incidental Interviews. It takes my mind off the humid heat in Pensacola, Florida and on to what's happening in my industry and in my pasttime of technology in general.

The most recent podcast interview of mine is with David Mandelstam of Sangoma on DIDX podcasts. What a treat!

Someone commented on my list of interviews as, "It's definitely not some secret club of yours that you interview. They are developers, CEOs, inventors, innovative monetizers, clients, newbies, and even competitors in your archive of media channel videos, podcasts and photos."

I believe everyone I meet has much of value to share with the rest of the world. I do not have a secret club of industry friends. I believe even in the collaboration of competitors.

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