Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Need laptops Mar. 19 and Apr 3-4 for Local LinkingArms Telethon

Need laptops on Mar 19 for test run and also April 3-4 for last test and actual telethon. Please help. (I'm loaning 2, an Asus and a Toshiba. Wish I had more to loan.)

Anyone in Pensacola area or elsewhere ... have laptops with wireless capability for use at the http://www.linkingarms.org telethon at the Pensacola Improv Center on April 4 Saturday? We need to test with each for incoming calls also from contributors calling in to donate money on Mar 19 also. That is the test-run day. Please call 1850 607 6608 or 1850 479 1473 to help. Ask for Kenny or Paul.

Your name and/or company name will be included in a press release submitted to TMCNET, Pensacola News Journal, and Independent News about the success of the telethon along with TeamForrest.com's IP PBX, DIDX.net for phone numbers, Cox Communications for Internet, WRNE for radio advertising, Comtel Networks, Pensacola Improv Center for location, Skype.com for headsets, Digium.com for some guidance ... names Fred Posner, Paul Deane, Steve Cayona, Max Glucksmann (DIDX API consultant and integrator), Alan Pesatty, etc.

Linking Arms, Inc.
is a local nonprofit organization that assists kids who are failing and in trouble at schools and their caretakers to be productive part of their community, to have homework help and involvement in family and fitness-oriented activities. It's local!!!

Please help. It's tough nowadays for many of us. Let's work together to make good things to happen.

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