Sunday, March 22, 2009

CLEC or CFMS? A Place for Both

We get this request several dozen times per day on DIDX email inquiries: How do I start a CLEC?

A few places to start researching: I've met and worked with Peter R. at conferences several times. He's professional, honest, and smart.

It's quite a complicated process, and if are more of an entrepreneur than one to do things the way everyone does, try Call forward management will enable you to empower your clients to have local phone numbers in any of 54 countries. You can allow them to ring their DIDs (local phone numbers) to instant messengers, SIP, IAX2, PSTN and more. (CFMS does not come with its own SIP registration server, but it does come with API connection to DIDX, Carrierx (only for Super Technologies' wholesale hosted and rebranded business clients,) Paypal, Moneybookers, Google Checkout, Linkpoint Central... and tools to block for fraud, add how to videos, integrate to Facebook, and much more.

Email, attention: Paul Deane and Suzanne Bowen with your name, phone number and instant messenger IDs, for more information.

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