Monday, September 29, 2008

Women in voIP Panel

Several men and a few women I met at Astricon suggested there be a Women in voIP panel discussion at a few conferences. How can you help with this idea? Let's start by gathering answers to these questions.

1. What topics should be discussed on a women in voIP panel discussion? One person suggested a 3-5 min. description of how each of the panelists got involved in voIP and telecommunications. Another was shared best practices in networking and marketing as well as technical know-how and experience.

2. Who should be on the panel? What company do they work with, position in company, URL, their experience and services they provide?

3. How to get more females in the IP communications, voIP, and telecommunications industry to participate in conferences in not only group roles but also leadership roles? They can be in business, working on a degree in these areas or considering them, all ages.

4. Do you have a blog? Will you blog about this also?

This is not proposed because these women are women, but because we're missing out on accomplishments, ideas, collaborations, and experience of these women. I hope to get some serious discussion on this blog post at this blog, myvoIP by Association blog and on my Facebook network in the notes section. John Cirner was the first to propose the idea to me at Astricon... thanks, John!


Anonymous said...

The panel could be started by Jenny Callicott of Celltrek, Alliswon Smith (The Voice of Asterisk) and Suzanne Bowen.

Anonymous said...

Laura Kennedy of Lumenvox, too