Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Users Can Review on Google Enterprise Solution Gallery gives a free Toledo, Ohio, USA phone number to every member (member sounds better than user). Each member controls the settings of whether to make their phone number ring to MSN instant messenger, Gizmo Project, Yahoo Instant Messenger, GoogleTalk, FreeWorldDialup, and other instant messengers and sip addresses free.

The member is sitting on the monorail with his laptop online, at the office, at home, at the airport... anywhere in the world. The people who are important to him who he has given his USA phone number to can call it from a cell phone or landline phone or IP phone, and when they do... it rings on his instant messenger or SIP address of choice. How groovy is that?

Many of the members use GoogleTalk. In fact, my Dad is trying it out, and he's 70 years old, totally loving it. You can review your experience with by clicking the Google Enterprise Soluton Gallery button at the bottom of the webpage now.

I'd love to know your experience and to know about your getting calls from those who are important to you, no matter where you are in the world on your instant messenger or SIP agent on your laptop or cell phone.

(Groovytel also won a position on the VONMAG Innovator Award shortlist for 2008. See pages 40-41.)

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