Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thanks to Chuck Winkler at 5000

I'm just not that into things like marketing workshops because I've always thought marketing is a natural occurrence. The millions of books, seminars, blogs, and businesses built around helping you get what you want are usually amazingly dull. (I apologize deeply to my friends who make their living helping other people learn how to get what they want.) So, what does this have to do with Chuck Winkler?

This morning I was rechecking my old voicemails on my Nokia e61i that my business partner Rehan insisted I get and also my trusty Blackberry. One message is Chuck Winkler thanking me for our company sharing the opportunities of applying for a position on the 5000 list. He mentioned his admiration for the unique and numerous ways we get the word out to the 9000+ service providers using global direct inward dialing phone number marketplace (DIDXchange), the IP communications and telephony industry in general, and the world who cares to check it out for that matter. That we're natural "marketers." I like Chuck. He can't imagine how good he made me feel with that simple, "Thank you."

I like the idea of the 5000 list. 500 is just not enough. 500 sounds like a secret club. So, now, I'm browsing the site and see some very interesting articles and blogs like: Tom Szaky's The Eco-Capitalist, "Will Your Customers Pay to Go Green?" ... "Take a simple paradigm: plastic bottles. The cheapest way to make a plastic bottle is to use 100 percent virgin plastic (the worst thing for the environment)." I'll come back and read more often.

Most of you who are reading this post, have worked hard to build a dynamite career and to help build one or more successful companies... Now, it's time to tell the world, and the 5000 list is one of the best, most natural ways to do it. Last year, a couple of telecommunications companies I know... won: Smartphone Experts from Inverness, FL. and Broadsoft. I want you to win this time, so here's what you do.

Don't wait because the deadline to apply is April 30, 2008. Click this link. Then click the RED BUTTON that says "CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW." and check the box indicating your interest in applying for the Inc. 5,000. Provide them with your revenue figures for 2004 and 2007. Once you have completed the IncBizNet registration and provided those figures, you have applied for the Inc. 5,000. Soon after, IncBizNet will send you instructions on how to provide backup for your revenue figures, and will also post those instructions prominently on IncBizNet.

And guess what? Over 80% of last year's winners were self-financed and over 50% started their business with a partner. Very interesting... (pronounce the "i" in "interesting" like an "e" as in the Spanish language.)

Thank you, Chuck Winkler and for giving our readers the opportunity to show the world how awesome they all really are by applying for the 5000 list. May, you, the reader, win!

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