Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nellymoser's Susanne Bowen is not me, but check them out

My friend Micha discovered another lady with a similar name in my industry, Susanne Bowen, mistakenly thinking it was me who is a board member of the company. Was checking out their site as a result.

Straight from the Nellymoser website...

"Engage your consumers anytime, anywhere.
Nellymoser enables media companies and network operators to establish and grow their mobile businesses.

The company's award-winning mobile services platform, combined with world-class mobile strategy and design, gives customers everything they need to deliver extensible, Mobile 2.0 services that engage broad audiences with rich, interactive experiences.

By managing service delivery for its customers, Nellymoser handles all the mobile channel complexities, from integration with existing infrastructures to compatibility with the rapidly growing number of handsets."

With services for Video On-Demand, Music Companion, and Infotainment On-Demand...

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