Monday, April 14, 2008

Critical Mass and Humor in Delivering IP Communications

Warren Lee discussed critical mass and other pertinent terms to providing telephony services economics and accounting. The audience at IP Possibilities 2008 in Chicago enjoyed Warren Lee's presentation because of his tastefully placed bits of humor. He clued us in on an acronym he invented: MURSADES. Just ask any IP Possibilities 2008 participant what that means. Okay, so it means "Man, you are screwed, and you don't even know it." He's an engineer who serves in a key position of COO with NeoNova.

Straight from the NeoNova site about Mr. Lee: "Mr. Lee is the President and COO of one of the premier suppliers of high quality, ultra-reliable ISP back office services to the telco industry. Prior to taking control of NeoNova Mr. Lee was the founder and COO of NKO Inc., which built and operated a Voice over IP and Fax Over IP network spanning 25 domestic and 15 international cities. NKO exclusively served foreign domestic and international IXC telephone companies. NKO was acquired by ECI telecom in 1998. Prior to NKO Mr. Lee was involved in several successful start-up ventures in the computer electronics and software development fields. Mr. Lee has chaired several industry committees on video, computer communications, and electronic security. He holds 8 patents in the area of Voice and Fax over IP and one patent in electronic signatures and non-repudiation of documents in financial transactions."

I have other videos of this speaker I'll try to upload soon.

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