Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Radio and TV news to every road warrior's cell phone

Favorite news and features with your mobile phone!

Description: Access news and features via your mobile phone with a phone call.

Requirements: Phone/PDA that can make phone calls (including land line phones).

Cost FREE - Neither nor the stations using charge you for this service. Data usage charges depend on the calling/data plan you have with your carrier, and listening to audio uses only your voice/calling plan minutes. Your carrier will count minutes used against your monthly voice/calling plan minutes.

It's convenient news and features you need to hear when you want to hear from your cell phone!

How to reach the following participating stations' by simply dialing the station's number:

Geo News
Mobile Voice: USA +1-419-3016102, Pakistan +92-21-8491900

Aaj News
Mobile Voice: USA 1-567-, Pakistan: +92-42-2107225, UK +44-208-114611 or +44-207-0431905, Australia +61-8-81114420

Dawn News
Mobile Voice: USA +1-419-301-7059

Khabrain News
Mobile Voice: USA 1-567-244-0000, Pakistan +92-51-8102030

What if your favorite tv or radio station is not listed? If there is a station whose mobile products you would be particularly excited to use, feel free to invite your favorite station to use to get their news to you and the world via cell phone. Simply email them this blog post, press releases the contact information to reach the providers of!

Radio and television stations who are interested in making their news and features available on every cell phone in the world, can email Virtualphoneline, which is the power behind at

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Anonymous said...

I'm getting my favorite tv station in Israel to do this asap, great idea. Cell phone always with me