Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Got a Mobile Widget? Get Recognized by CTIA Wireless

Announcing the CTIA Mobile Widget Contest!

CTIA challenges you to create a unique and innovative mobile widget that will allow users to have easy access to and dynamic interaction with CTIA information and resources.

This contest is open and limited to all E-Tech entrants. For more information and guidelines on entering, please go to the CTIA E-Tech Awards page.

I'm hoping that my friends who work with those extremely innovative mobile and wireless services will apply. Many of you are in my Facebook, Plaxo Pulse and Linkedin network of friends, so you'll see this blog post. There are a few days left to enter the contests, so go for it!!!!

Will I see you at CTIA Wireless conference and expo? Why not? You can sign up here... http://www.didx.net/ctiaapril2008/ and be sure to add yourself to the pre-event networking group on Facebook.com!

DIDX.net is proud to be a media sponsor for CTIA Wireless where we'll develop business to help wireless operators get new ARPU with the opportunity to buy and/or sell direct inward dialing phone numbers with 8000+ service providers on DIDXchange! Why waste time and money on individual interconnect agreements and interopabilitiy testing. Get it all in one place where we do the work for you at didx.net. See you at our booth, too, at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 1-3, 2008.

Some websites mobile voip related to check are...

Someone else said we should check out iSkoot, a cool Skype application.

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