Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fonality trixbox Training at ITExpo in Miami

Jorge Rodriguez is just one of the many successful businessmen who have participated in the trixbox training. Listen to this video about his making more money in one year than in his whole life setting up internet-protocol based PBX. I have to say I appreciated his sincerity and have since the date of my filming him at ITEXPO West 2007, met some of his customers who are contact centers and small businesses.

Fonality trixbox Open Communication Training Courses at ITEXPO intensive three-day classes prepare you to install, administer and support trixbox and PBXtra Systems. Register for the classes here at

Sign up to attend ITEXPO East 2008 in Miami, Florida now at and tell them Suzanne at DIDX (direct inward dialing exchange) sent you. You can also add yourself to the event after that at, and while you're at it, add me and everyone in the VoIP industry who uses Facebook to your Facebook network. I think you'll love it. (We'll be at booth 934 at ITEXPO East 2008.)

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