Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Personalized Media Monitoring Service of Meltwater News

What Made Meltwater News Stand Out to Me


• Meltwater News has 58,000+ sources. They’re adding about 300 new ones per week (by comparison, Google News searches 4,500 sources, and eWatch searches slightly over 10,000).

Personal Service:

• Direct access to your representative Joey Greenwald when questions arise or when modifications to the account need to be made.
• System is custom-tailored to your needs.
• You have control of your account and how that information is delivered.

Time Saving:

• Archive Capabilities (the ability to archive articles in a concise and organized manner)
• Distribution Capabilities (employees save time distributing information throughout your organization)
• Translation Capabilities, ability to translate most European languages as well as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean with more being added. (Can't wait for the last 4 to be complete.)

Complex Searches:

• Complex Boolean Search Capabilities (delivers refined exact search results to find the needle in the haystack)
• Pinpoint Geographical Searches (create search agents or one-off searches on topics in specific regions, domestic or internationally)
• Unlimited Keyword Searches (can use an unlimited amount of keywords in your search agents)


• Graphing Capabilities (ability to graph, measure and compare your media exposure and/or competitors separated by country, region, state, or value – positive, negative, or neutral)
• Matrix Tool (useful tool that will help you locate the EXACT sources in which you are mentioned in an extremely easy and concise way)

Value Creation:

• Save Time, won’t need to jump through several different systems, because now you will have it all in one!
• News Brought to you, with the creation of search agents your news is delivered in easy to read morning and/or afternoon reports.
• Stay Ahead, since you are saving so much time reviewing your media, you can use that time and information to keep ahead of your competitors!
• Access to a user-friendly interface, so you can go into the system whenever you like.

I have truly enjoyed use of this product at Meltwater News. I have my own special login, with tools for extra detailed search and analysis of my own company and all other interests of mine on the net. Joey provides the kind of personalized service we've been looking for, and I wanted to share this with others.

You can reach Joey at ...
Joey Greenwald
Sales Consultant, San Francisco
Ph: 1-415-829-5924
Fax: 1-415-829-5936

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