Thursday, December 13, 2007

Must Beat Katie Holmes' NYC Marathon Time

In my last blog post, I said am not that competitive against anyone but myself, but I must beat Katie Holmes' 5 1/2 hour New York City Marathon time.

Over salad and French fries the other day, my husband and I discussed the Jacksonville Bank Marathon coming up this weekend. Michael, I and 11 others on the Emerald Coast Racing Team are scheduled for this 26.2 miles of running. ;-) I stated that I thought it would take me perhaps 4 1/2 hours to run it. I definitely would be embarrassed if I couldn't do better than Katie Holmes' 5 1/2 hour time. Oh, that's so petty of me. Then, I thought, what a waste of time. Can't I accomplish something besides the determination to beat someone?

Here was my decision after more debate with Michael over the issue. I will donate $1 to the Multiple Sclerosis Society for every minute less than 5 1/2 hours that I take to run the Jacksonville Bank Marathon time December 16, 2007.

I'll post my time here as soon as I can lift a finger next week. I invite anyone to donate the same amount to the non-profit organization or charity of their choice. I would really like to list the names here of the individuals and companies who participate in this ad hoc opportunity I'm proposing. To start... the following have already committed.

1. Michael Bowen my husband and Emerald Coast Racing Team with their match going to the Multiple Sclerosis Society

2. VoIPFunTimes to the American Cancer Society

3. Around 8 anonymous participants (all with either social/business networking companies or voIP/anything over IP companies) who I am trying to convince to let me post their name or at least company name here! Come on!

4. Super Technologies, Inc. and I don't know the the non-profit organization or charity they have chosen

5. Lisa Johnson, professional investigator, donating to the American Cancer Society

I actually like what I know about Katie Holmes which isn't much, but anyone who can finish 26.2 miles in 5 1/2 hours and then go out in stilettos that night and dance? Whoah!

... Dec 17, 2007, the day after the marathon... my time was 5 hours and 4 minutes. Some will say I was running this recreationally, but I know better. It's difficult to walk, but thanks to all 12 companies and individuals $288 total will be donated to a few charities and nonprofit organization. Some videos that Petra Romberg took are at

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