Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Collaboration among Competitors? Why not?

Competition is that ongoing process of being doggedly determined to better my own PB. I am happier when I do not compete with anyone but myself and I am a tough critic and competitor for myself. (Sure, some of you have the same problem. ;-)

Collaboration is that ongoing process of making anything at least more satisfactory if not more wonderful than it was before with as many people as possible involved.

I prefer collaboration over competition in regards to my family, friends I have, friends I haven't met yet, colleagues, business partners, and customers. Collaboration is more of a challenge, and a challenge is what keeps me energized and happy. Collaboration forces me and you to replace some of the negative, painful emotions and judgements that often accompany competition (like jealousy, revenge, and haughtiness) with hopeful, confident, positive emotions and judgements.

Once someone asked me, "Who is your favorite person among...?"

My answer, "That just doesn't fit well on me. What's your next question?"

All of the above explains why I am fascinated with the concept and reality of DIDXchange. Thank you to the inventor Rehan. Thank you, to all the future-thinking Internet protocol communications companies and/or those who use them, for believing in the concept of collaboration among competitors.

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