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Must Get VoIP Educated: Watch & Listen to Experts

Part 1: Ensuring Call Quality with SIP Trunking webinair is Tuesday Nov 13 at 11 AM CST. Check your timezone in relation at World Timezone Converter. Presenters will be Bill Casey, SVP, Marketing, Reignmaker Communications; Dave Martin, VP, Marketing, Edgewater Networks; and Erik Linask, Associate Editor, Technology Marketing Corporation.

SIP Trunking is the most efficient connectivity method for today’s IP-PBX’s. As the popularity of SIP Trunking grows, so have the tools and services to manage the voice quality of this service. Please join Reignmaker Communications and Edgewater Networks for this informative webinar on ensuring call quality with SIP Trunking. You’ll learn how Reignmaker has constructed and end-to-end voice quality assurance program for its new nationwide SIP Trunking product – backed by the industry’s strongest SLA. Areas of discussion will include interoperability, on-site edge monitoring devices, bandwidth pre-qualification and troubleshooting tools and techniques.

After the presentation, the Webinar will be open for a live Q&A after the presentation. Be sure to have your questions ready!

Our team from Super Technologies, Inc. and DIDXchange will be there.

Part 2: Let me summarize the Ensuring Call Quality with SIP Trunking Webinair of Internet Telephony by Reignmaker and Edgewater Networks, Inc.

We were introduced to interopability, bandwidth pre-qualification, troubleshooting techniques, and more for small and medium-sized customers.

SIP Trunking Market Overview?

Quotes Chris Jones, CEO of Intuitive Voice Technology, a provider of an Asterisk-based IP-PBX) said today "30% of his Evolution PBX sales include T1/E1/PRI Hardware, 30% include analog hardware, and 30% is strictly SIP trunking with NO TDM HARDWARE."
- September 14, 2007, Internet Telephony Expo Recap

SIP Trunking offerings from service providers are driven by increased sales of SIP-enabled IP-PBX's and cost reduction demands by the end users.

These are offered with different underlying network designs, interop strategies, legacy/IP-PBX/hybrid support, bandwidth requirements, supported features such simultaneous ring and different codecs supported.

Benefits of SIP Trunking?
1. Reduce costs.
2. Can replace PRI or analog trunks on a PBX.
3. Only purchase the number of SIP trunks you need. No waste.
4. Uses excess bandwith for voice services. Efficient!
5. Flexible and scalable. Add single SIP trunks as needed within days.
6. Converge voice and data services.
7. Less system maintenance which can managed from anywhere even remotely over the Internet.

Drawbacks of SIP Trunking?
1. Call quality problems such as echo, one-way audio, static or warble, and dropped calls. (Hmm... sounds like a cell phone.)

2. Reliability: single connection failure potential for example, during the period when firmware is updated.

3. Problem Resolution: Could be within the Internet and/or the customer's LAN.

How to Overcome SIP Trunking Drawbacks?
1. Be proactive prior to installation.
2. Complete the interopability testing between the PBX, phone systems and the service.
3. Reignmaker offers a bandwidth circuit testing from customer site to Reignmaker for number of hops, etc.
4. Customers can order bandwidth from Reignmaker.
5. Utilize redundant private peering directly.
6. Mandatory call quality device installed at every customer premise... in this case, the Edgewater Networks' EdgeMarc device. It is configured specifically the customer's particular IP-PBX make/model. Provides security and firewall.

Questions and Answers to Reignmaker:
1. Where does Reignmaker offer SIP trunking services? In all 50 USA states with E911 throughout most areas.

2. If a SIP carrier uses a Level3 MPLS backbone, how would Reignmaker differentiate? They give access to their Tier 1 providers, the Edgewater devices...

3. Interopability with Edgewater device, is there an extra charge for the device or is it included?
Customer does not have to buy the Edgewater device. If they choose it, it is rented to the customer per month as low as $15.00 per month.

4. Are your SIP trunking services to international customers? They cannot provide to those located outside the USA.

5. Do you offer reseller or agent programs? Yes, they offer even a team dedicated to the partner program participants: referrals or resellers.

6. How does the Edgewater device work? It manages the last mile connection. It is a Session Border Controller type device + more. It provides security, bandwidth management, call quality improvement, and NAT traversals for networks that are mobile.

7. Does it work with just SIP or also other protocols?
From a trunking perspective, SIP only. and

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